St Hillers enters administration; were there warning signs?

In case you missed it, property and construction group, St Hilliers has been placed in administration. This leaves 21 construction projects in limbo with no guarantees that work on multimillion-dollar projects will resume. While all looked well from the outside (no material credit defaults, court actions, strong credit rating etc.), the financial position was continually […]

The Growth Illusion: The Surprising Relationship Between Revenues & Profits

Growth is often viewed as a key indicator of financial strength. However, as our study of 25,000 Australian private companies demonstrates, the belief that higher revenue leads to greater profits, is not always true. Our Study: Revenue Growth vs. Profit Growth We analysed the relationship between revenue growth and EBITDA – a widely recognised profit […]

10 Financial Signals That Determine Your Tender’s Fate

Understanding how procurement teams assess your financial health is crucial for winning competitive tenders. Every year my firm, CreditSource, analyses over 25,000 companies across 80 sectors. We’ve identified the key financial metrics and behaviours that procurement experts prioritise when vetting potential suppliers. This article shares strategies for building a financially stable business and effectively communicating […]

The Qenos Story in Numbers

Profitability Quenos has been reporting losses for several years. While the Company was able to push the revenue up, they continued to make losses. The cumulative losses for the last three years alone was close to $500 million. Liquidity The liquidity position as of the end of FY22 showed distress, given that the financial statements […]