Human-Powered Solutions
To Mitigate Major Supplier Risks

CreditSource is the only supplier risk solution that gives you specific risk mitigation steps and access to a dedicated financial analyst

Our reports and insights are trusted by…

We’re Australia’s first and only human-led supplier risk solution

Unlike portals and automated reports, we won’t give you a pass/fail rating and send you on your way. Instead, you’ll get specific risk mitigation steps and a dedicated financial analyst you can speak with at any time – guaranteed.

  • “One and done” assessment at start of project
  • Slows down critical procurement processes
  • May not take contract value into context
  • Reliant on the availability of historical data
  • Computer generated and filled with jargon

When it comes to assessing suppliers, no two projects are the same

Sometimes you’re working to an urgent deadline. Other times you have a choice of several preferred suppliers. And occasionally your choices are limited, so you need the best risk mitigation strategies.

Understand and confidently mitigate supplier financial risks

The ability to use us as an expert sounding board ensures your team understands the numbers, are clear on their options, and are comfortable making an informed decision.

As an extension of your team, we’ll clarify risks and deliver risk mitigation recommendations, ensuring you meet your deadlines and keep moving forward.

  • Pre-screen suppliers before you invest time
  • Expert, human analysis in as little as 48 hours
  • Actionable strategies to reduce identified risks
  • Accurate data for private and public companies
  • Receive alerts as meaningful new risks emerge
  • Speak with an expert financial analyst any time

Trusted by finance and procurement leaders

"Even our financiers were impressed with the report"

“We used Credit Source to help us assess the financial viability of a construction company being awarded a contract in excess of $20m. Their advice and report were excellent. We used their advice to reduce the risk to us, and even our financiers were impressed with the report. They plan on recommending CreditSource to other customers. Their report was easy to understand, the were available when we need to clarify anything and despite having been an accountant for 25 years, I learnt a lot from using them.”

Business Services Leader,
Public Health Sector

"Always agile"

“Creditsource are vital business partners for all things financial risk on key suppliers for our major contracts. They don’t just provide incisive financial information, they add value and are always happy to translate the detail of financial statements into understandable risk positions. They are always agile and produce reports with due speed and accuracy, and are happy to go above and beyond with their service. No hesitation in recommending the Creditsource group for any supplier risk reporting or analytics across both local and international markets.”

Procurement Leader,
National University

"Invaluable to our organisation"

“CreditSource has been an invaluable asset to our organisation in navigating complex financial landscapes. Their expertise and commitment to providing actionable insights on supplier risk have proven to be instrumental in our decision-making processes. Their reports are not just comprehensive but also remarkably insightful. The team at CreditSource move fast and go the extra mile, demonstrating a dedication to our success that is truly commendable. We have full confidence in their capabilities and would highly recommend their supplier risk reporting and monitoring.”

Global Manufacturing Corporation

A total supplier financial risk solution: from commencement to completion

Risk Assessment Reports

Verify a supplier’s capacity to fulfil project requirements

Reduce the time, cost and reputational risk associated with supplier defaults and insolvency. Ensure suppliers and contractors have a suitable financial standing to fulfil contracts and meet warranty obligations. Choose from a variety of report types based on contract value and risk levels.

Supplier Risk Monitoring

Receive alerts if a supplier’s circumstances deteriorate

Ongoing monitoring of supplier and panel members to ensure they remain financially viable across the lifetime of contracts. Track key suppliers in one simple dashboard. Receive alerts if there is a meaningful deterioration in supplier health, click on suppliers for a detailed view, and compare suppliers against industry trends and benchmarks.

Risk Assessment Reports

Verify a supplier’s capacity to fulfill project requirements

Our financial risk reports adopt a standardised presentation format so comparing trading customers and partners to their industry peers is easy. We present financial data using illustrative graphs and tables and, depending on your chosen report, offer written expert analysis that’s succinct and simple to understand.

Risk Score

A simple, easy-to-understand score backed by detailed analysis.

Key Ratios and Trends

Uncover insights in the context of historical performance.

Financial Comparison Graphs

Quickly compare related data points to understand the full picture.

Assessment of Suitability

Gauge the appropriateness of the supplier for a specific contract.

Standardised Presentation

One format for simple “apples-to-apples” comparisons.

Financial Assessment

Accurately predict the future likelihood of financial distress.

Supplier Risk Monitoring

Receive alerts if a supplier’s circumstances deteriorate

CreditSource’s supplier monitoring dashboard makes it easy to navigate volatile industries and manage critical shifts in your supply chain. Our platform alerts you to relevant and meaningful changes in your supplier ecosystem based on your specific contract values, freeing up your team to concentrate on their highest and best use.

Financial Distress

PEP & Sanctions

Credit Defaults

Adverse Media

Enforcement Actions

Court Actions


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