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About us

CreditSource was founded with the vision to provide comprehensive yet simple and affordable financial risk management solutions.

The most important question we ask ourselves every day is “How does what we do today lead to the success of our customers?” We call things out as they are so that our customers make decisions with full confidence. We know the importance of consistency but also realise excellence requires continuously challenging the way things are done and going beyond the known.

Our People

Behind everything we do is our team of talented individuals. We come from diverse backgrounds and bring a unique perspective to the problems we strive to solve. We all embrace the CreditSource way of life – to go over and above to help our customers.

Our Approach

The Risk Dilemma

Often, risk decisions, whether it be choosing a key supplier, granting a contract or assessing the creditworthiness of a customer, are made without full knowledge of the counterparty. Every day, Procurement Managers, Credit Managers and other Risk Professionals are forced to make critical decisions without the right tools at their disposal. We created CreditSoucre to solve this problem!

Our Experience

Our team bring their experience and expertise from a wide variety of sectors along with the passion to better manage risk. Our focus is on finding innovative methods to gather data, find solutions that make sense of the data and present the findings in an easy-to-use manner. Our solutions are aimed at empowering you to make the right decisions and with full visibility.


Often, it’s the complexity, time taken and cost in obtaining the right insights that lead to making decisions blindfolded. We use our industry experience and deep understanding of local companies along with cutting-edge automation to create solutions that are affordable, practical and made available in a timely manner.


We’re proud to be the exclusive financial analytics partner to like-minded businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. CreditSource works closely with these industry leaders to supply their customers with a range of financial risk assessment solutions. Every year we analyse 25,000 companies to produce insights that are trusted by finance and procurement leaders at ASX200 companies and prominent government organisations.

CreditorWatch is Australia’s largest commercial credit bureau with 55,000+ customers.

Founded in 2010, CreditorWatch is dedicated to creating innovative credit management tools for small businesses and corporate enterprises.

New Zealand owned CreditWorks has been offering a suite of credit management services to Kiwis since 1998.

The team provides comprehensive company data through a real-time trade debtor credit reporting system.

Creditsafe began in Norway in 1997 and has swiftly expanded to multiple offices across Europe, Asia and the United States.

Creditsafe has over 500,000 customers globally. The group holds commercial credit data on more than 365 million businesses worldwide.

Industry Capability Network (ICN) are experienced industry procurement and supply chain specialists who connect Australian and New Zealand businesses to projects large and small.

ICN provide powerful procurement and supply chain tools, backed by expert advice and support to drive industry capabilities and growth.