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What we do to help you

We capture and analyse financial information of companies to assist you in making better and more efficient decisions. Our up-to-date and forward-looking commentary will help you understand companies in your ecosystem better.

Well informed Financial Risk Decisions are only possible when several components come together. This requires knowing what information is needed, then successfully sourcing this information, having the right analytic tools, and having well experienced analysts making assessments. All these components should then produce clear, consistent, well-articulated and relevant Assessment Reports so that you can make accurate and timely decisions.

Our Services

Supplier & Procurement Management

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Trade Credit Management

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Public Sector

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International Credit Reports

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Our Solutions allow you to

  • Increase revenue by providing more credit with confidence through efficient and timely decision making
  • Avoid critical supply disruptions and costly contract cancellations
  • Manage risk more efficiently with affordable solutions
  • React fast to changing macro factors and their effect on customers or suppliers

how we work

Innovative Information Sourcing

The information and data relevant to make financial risk decisions can be difficult to find and expensive to obtain. Our team specialises in gathering required information via links with information repositories such as ASIC, or speaking directly with your customers, suppliers, or other relevant stakeholders.

Our Cutting-Edge Analysis Platform - RiskD™

RiskD™, our cutting-edge analysis platform, captures financial information and produces trends, ratios graphs and AI based analysis. RiskD™ standardises financial data across organisations into a unified manner, making comparison easy and ensuring key financial issues standout.

IExperienced Analysts

Picking the good from the bad is a skill and misinterpretations are costly. Experienced analysts are needed to perform meaningful due diligence, but most organisations do not have a team of in-house analysts. Our analysts have years of industry experience and have the right expertise to provide you with accurate and astute analysis.

Comprehensive Assessment Reports

We have a range of solutions with each solution crafted to address specific requirements. What is common with all our Assessment Reports is that they are illustrative, comprehensive, relevant, and succinct. The solutions are intended to deliver complex and deep analysis in an easy to understand manner.

Research & Insights

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